Brazilian Food Industries



Brazilian Food Industries Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Sin Kean Bee Coffee And Curry Powder Factory) in Penang


Specialized in coffee-making and is famous for its coffee ‘O’. “Bee” Coffee,

The product of Brazilian Food Industries has long been known throughout Malaysia for its original taste of North Malaysia Coffee ‘O’, which has a rich and unique taste.

We are the First coffee manufacturer who used the coffee bag to contain roasted coffee, which can be used as an individual coffee serving in a cup or mug. We give our customer the convenience of an instant coffee.

First Coffee ManufacturerWho Used The Coffee Bag To Contain Roasted Coffee


To keep the company abreast with modernization, the owner has its name changed to Brazilian Food Industries Sdn Bhd. Not only that the company name had been modernized, but the product themselves are carefully roasted and meticulously blended to perfection, a quality that is unmatched by all existing products available in the market.


From now onwards, when you think of Bee Coffee, you can drink it at any place and anywhere, which are 3-in-1 Milk Coffee, 2-in-1 Coffee O and the sugar-free Coffee O.